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Kalai Hoda ni Hukumu Rwchapmung

Kalai eba Koloy wngkha Tripura Hasteni kaisa Hoda eba Bosong. Sao Kokborok eba Kaoborok. Chao Chakhwi, Chartang tei Huk ni Chamungrok.

Kalai Bosongni Hukumu Rwchapmung rok wngkha :

  1. Hoi Rwchapmung
  2. Garia Rwchapmung
  3. Mamita Rwchapmung
  4. Uayeng Khilimani Rwchapmung
  5. Aaiya Bidhai Rwchapmung
  6. Kwthwi Khum Kanrimani Rwchapmung
  7. Toormari Panda Rwchapmung
  8. Rai Balma Pandani Rwchapmung
  9. Huk Haomani Rwchapmung
  10. Mai Kaimani Rwchapmung
  11. Mai Nakmani Rwchapmung
Saviour Kalai
Saviour Kalai
Hello Everyone, It's me SAVIOUR KALAI. People knows by my nickname SVR. I was born at Agartala, Tripura, which is located in NorthEast, 🇮🇳India. Childhood days I spent in a small town Agartala, NorthEast India. Also, I initial to higher education from Northeast, India itself. I enjoy Travelling with Friends, Making Videos, Singing, Music, Photography/Cinematography etc. And I also upload videos on YouTube about my life whatever I could catch on my camera that I can share. I completed my Matriculation from St. Xavier's Higher Secondary School, Tripura and I went to learnt Web Designing at JTEC Educational Institute, Goa. And I completed my Higher Secondary (+2 Stage) from Christian Higher Secondary School, Meghalaya. After Completing my higher education I went for B.Sc in Visual Communication course at Alpha Arts and Science College, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.


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