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Ani Swmai – Kokborok Music Video 2024

A Promise for Eternity

In this era of brittle and fragile relationships, two loving souls bind themselves with a promise for eternity that they will always love each other, no matter what, and never let go till they breathe their last…

Theirs is a story of relentless and selfless love which carves past all differences and shortcomings. It is said that relationships are a match made in heaven, but down here on Earth, it is the sheer love for each other that makes that match a perfect one.

It’s Khathansa Production Presentation

Introducing Hamjakma Reang,

Starring Adong Jamatia (Mega Mr. Northeast 2023),

Directed by Sharmili Debbarma,

Cinematography Krushal Reang (Bru Tiprasa)

Play Back Singer Parmita Reang & Novonil Chakma

Music Director Swkang Debbarma (Melody Cafe Studio)

Lyrics Sharmili Debbarma

Composed by Parmita Reang & Swkang

Set Designed Sharmili Debbarma & Hattrick Debbarma

Make-up Tazashia Reang & Aju Debbarma

Styled By Sharmili Debbarma

Subtitle Compiled by Rojalin Debbarma

Poster Design by Bru Tiprasa

Drone Bru Tiprasa

Ringnai Rikutu Sponsored by Lady Boutique

Dialogue Compiled by Krushal Reang, Bahai Debbarma, & Sharmili Debbarma

Production Manager Reshmi Debbarma

Post Production Bru Tiprasa

Dubbing & Background Score Suzit’s STUDIO

Supporting Cast : Barphang Debbarma, Bahai Jamatia, Binod Debbarma, Koushik Chakma, Nabarun Chakma, Pritam Debbarma, Sourav Murasing, Suari Debbarma, Prasan Tripura, Hat-trick Debbaarma & Tazashia Reang

Special Thanks to Bg. Runiel Debbarma, EM of TTAADC

Heartiest Thanks to Dr. Durlabh Debbarma, Dr.Paul Debbarma, Dr.Kushal Debbarma, Ady Debbarma, Monojit Debbarma, Debabrata Debbarma, Al Bright Sun Debbarma, Juel Debbarma, Sajar Debbarma, James Debbarma, Monodip Debbarma ,Biva Jamatia, Risa Debbarma, Saviour Kalai, Nivedita Reang, Naren Jamatia, Benedict Debbarma, Reshmi Debbarma, Biswanath Debbarma, Khristma Debbarma, Bejwel Kalai, Neimi Tokko & Manas Ishan Kasyap.

Title Sponsored : Plankco

Associate Sponsors : Kozan, Sak Fitness, Jokaffe, DONGOI, Lady Boutique

Co- Sponsored By : Swarnakamal Jewellers & Roasted Bean

Media Partners : Chini Khorang, Yakhwrai Nainuk, Borok Times, Homchang, WhatMatter Prime TV, Khumpui TV, Chumui TV, Koktwma Express, Hapung TV, Haping TV, Kok Khorang & Goireng TV

Hambai | Thank You | Khakchangha

Saviour Kalai
Saviour Kalai
Hello Everyone, It's me SAVIOUR KALAI. People knows by my nickname SVR. I was born at Agartala, Tripura, which is located in NorthEast, 🇮🇳India. Childhood days I spent in a small town Agartala, NorthEast India. Also, I initial to higher education from Northeast, India itself. I enjoy Travelling with Friends, Making Videos, Singing, Music, Photography/Cinematography etc. And I also upload videos on YouTube about my life whatever I could catch on my camera that I can share. I completed my Matriculation from St. Xavier's Higher Secondary School, Tripura and I went to learnt Web Designing at JTEC Educational Institute, Goa. And I completed my Higher Secondary (+2 Stage) from Christian Higher Secondary School, Meghalaya. After Completing my higher education I went for B.Sc in Visual Communication course at Alpha Arts and Science College, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.


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